Distributors Terms of Sale


SALES: No sale is final until approved by authorized personnel at Aso, LLC.

PRICES: The latest published price list supersedes all previous published price lists. Sixty (60) days notice will be given on all price changes. Product is sold in case lots only unless otherwise specified in the Price Book.

TERMS: Net 30 days from the invoice dated to the date payment is received at our remittance address. (300 Sarasota Center Blvd, Sarasota, FL 34240). Early payment discounts are calculated on the net merchandise amount, excluding shipping and handling charges. C.O.D. and/or past due accounts do not qualify for this discount. Orders will not be shipped to delinquent accounts. We reserve the right to terminate open account credit, or limit terms to net 30 days at any time.

TERMS AND CONDITIONS: Terms and conditions of sale are subject to change without notice.

PURCHASE ORDER POLICIES: The customer shall provide a quarterly forecast and or standing order to help ensure product availability. Changes to forecasts may result in longer lead times.

Large fluctuations or customer forecasts may result in product backorder. Minimum Order – $100.

Fax orders may be received at 1-915-225-0434.

SPECIAL ORDERS: For special orders such as customized packaging and/or private label products, the customer shall be responsible for inventory that can not be consumed within the required lead time of the change.

FREIGHT POLICY: Aso LLC pays transportation charges on all orders of $500.00 or greater shipped to destinations within the continental U.S. Seller, (Aso LLC), pays freight charges, owns goods in transit, and files all claims. Buyer (DISTRIBUTOR), is responsible for noting any damage or potential damage and/or shortages on freight bill and notifying seller with 15 days of receiving date. All C.O.D. accounts pay full shipping costs and are shipped collect. Freight costs for backorders are paid for by Aso LLC, unless the DISTRIBUTOR account requests special shipping. Aso LLC reserves the right to select the mode and carrier of our choice. When a DISTRIBUTOR account specifies and demands a certain method and/or carrier, Aso LLC reserves the right to pass on the additional freight cost plus a $10.00 handling charge. Freight charges for shipments of less than $500.00 will be the responsibility of the buyer. Buyer, (DISTRIBUTOR), account owns goods in transit and files claims, if any.

DROP SHIPMENTS: Drop shipments under $500.00 will be invoiced at net dealer cost plus a $25.00 handling fee will be assessed. The consignee’s purchase order number must be included with the DISTRIBUTOR’S order. All drop shipments are the responsibility of the ordering Buyer.

SHIPMENT VERIFICATION: Any discrepancy between the quantity on the receipt and the actual quantity received must be noted on the delivery receipt including any damaged or refused product. These discrepancies damaged or refused products us be reported to our El Paso, TX office within 15 days of the date a shipment is received. We will not provide proof of shipment delivery after 3 months. Claims for non-delivery must be notified to Aso LLC and the Carrier within 15 days from the date of invoice, failing which, Aso LLC shall be under no liability for non-delivery.

INVOICE VERIFICATION: Any discrepancy in an invoiced price and corresponding order price must be reported to our El Paso, TX office within 30 days of the date of invoice.

DEFECTIVE MERCHANDISE: All defective merchandise returns require written authorization obtained through Customer Service in El Paso, TX. (1-866-723-5416).

RETURNS FOR CREDIT: All returns for credit require written authorization which must be obtained through our Customer Service in El Paso, TX. (1-866-723-5416). Upon approval, the Return Merchandise Authorization, (RMA), will be faxed and the Buyer,(DISTRIBUTOR), must return the product to Aso LLC within 30 days of receipt of RMA. Credit will be issued only after the merchandise is received and examined by our Return Goods Department. Do not make any changes to the written authorization without receiving approval through our Customer Service.

Merchandise may be returned for credit under the following conditions:

• Up to 180 days from date of invoice – 25% restocking fee will be assessed.

• Only unopened, full case returns of product – Credit allowed will be based on saleable

product and which is still listed in the current price book.

• A copy of the original invoice and a copy of the RMA faxed authorization is included with the returned merchandise. The lowest dealer price level will be assumed if the original invoice is not included or can not be read.

We reserve the right to destroy merchandise shipped to us which we deem unfit for sale.

Aso LLC will NOT give credit for:

• Merchandise not in standard Aso LLC branded packaging.

• Merchandise purchased through anyone other than Aso LLC

• Merchandise with unauthorized labels and/or pricing.

• Good over 180 days.

• Discontinued items, special price items, damaged or broken case product.

• Third Party returns will be refused and credit denied.

• Private Label items.

TRANSFERABILITY: Aso LLC accounts are not transferable. Any major change within an organization requires a new and independent review before extending an Aso LLC account to the new organization.

SALES AND USE TAX: If Aso LLC products are taxable in your state or the state you request us to ship product to, Aso LLC must invoice and collect taxes in accordance with the statutes of that state. Organizations that are exempt from taxes or resell the product must provide Aso LLC with a valid exemption or resale certificate for each state to avoid being invoiced for taxes. Exemption or resale certificates received after the sale will not void taxes already charged but will prevent tax from being charged on future invoices. All taxes are due for payment as billed.

TRACINGS: Upon request, the DISTRIBUTOR will submit electronically to Aso LLC end-user monthly sales tracings for the products purchased.